Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control Not Only Sets a Desired Speed, But Also a Desired Distance From Vehicles Ahead

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How to Use Honda Adaptive Cruise Control & Set Following Distance
These days, there are all sorts of driver assistance technologies for vehicles. All of them are pretty amazing, but you may find that certain features are more useful to you than others. One such feature that most drivers agree is highly useful and highly desired is Adaptive Cruise Control. But, you’ll want to know how to use Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control system properly, as well as how to set the appropriate following distance with vehicles in front of you.

How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work In the 2018 Honda Accord
For this particular demonstration and explanation, we’re going to use the 2018 Honda Accord as an example. That said, this guide should work for numerous Honda models. If you feel the instructions don’t match your vehicle, feel free to contact us for assistance.

So, with all of that said, what does Adaptive Cruise Control actually do? Well, it makes highway driving more relaxing and safer by not only keeping your desired speed, but by also adjusting that speed to keep a certain distance from a vehicle ahead of you.

So, for example, let’s say you merge into the far left lane to pass someone. The only problem is that there is a vehicle ahead of you that is going far slower than the speed you’ve set your cruise control to. Instead of requiring you to swiftly apply the brakes to cancel cruise control, the system can do the work for you to decrease speed and maintain a safe following distance. Once the car ahead speeds up or leaves the lane, or once you leave the lane, the car will then increase speed to your desired setting if the path ahead is clear.

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How to Set the Following Interval for the Honda Accord’s Adaptive Cruise Control System
In order for the system to work to your liking, one additional step is required compared to the more basic cruise control systems you may be used to. On top of setting your desired speed, you’ll also need to set a following distance. Here is how to do it:

Locate the Adaptive Cruise Control display in your instrument cluster. You’ll see a graphic of a vehicle (or a dotted outline of a vehicle), with up to 4 bars behind it. These represent the following interval.
Now, locate the interval button on the steering wheel. This button has the same sort of image that appears in the instrument cluster.
Simply press the button to change the following interval to Short, Middle, Long or Extra Long.
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Now that you how to use Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control system and set the following interval, be sure to check back to the Hilton Head Honda blog for more tips for your Honda vehicle.

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