How does the Honda Sensing Road Departure Mitigation System work?

February 6th, 2020 by

After taking a look at the CMBS feature from the Honda Sensing safety suite, we thought we’d highlight another one. So, today we’re shining a spotlight on the Road Departure Mitigation System, another great advanced driver-assistive safety technology.

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What does RDMS do?
The Road Departure Mitigation System was designed as a technology to sense unintentional diversions from your lane, whether it be crossing over lane markers or completely leaving the road while operating between the speeds of 45 and 90 miles per hour.

How does RDMS work?
Utilizing sensors and cameras, RDMS is able to detect when you are getting too close to the side of the road or your lane. If and when this occurs, the system will send you a visual alert, begin to apply torque to your steering and make the steering wheel vibrate rapidly. If the system also detects that what it’s doing to your steering won’t be enough, it may also apply pressure to the brakes. If you turn the steering wheel to avoid leaving your lane or the road, then the system cancels all assistance. If the system is utilized several times in succession without a response from you, then it will begin audible alerts as well.

How do I change my RDMS settings?
You are able to determine the timing of your warning by configuring your settings while the vehicle is in Park with the power on. How you change the settings will vary by center console, depending on whether you have color audio or display audio. By pressing either MENU, CLOCK or HOME, you’ll then go into the Setting menu, the Vehicle menu, the Driver Assist System Setup menu and then select Road Departure Mitigation Setting. The different options are Normal – in which assistance will start from just inside the lane edge, Wide – in which assistance will start from just outside the lane edge, Warning Only – in which the system will warn you with a message but not assist in any way, or Narrow – which is designed to be used on narrow roadways.

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How do I turn RDMS on and off?
This will again vary by vehicle, but in most instances, there will be a button that you can press and hold to turn on or off. Check out the video below for more information on the Road Departure Mitigation System found in your Honda vehicle, or give us a call with any questions.

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