How does the Honda Sensing Lane Keeping Assist System work?

July 8th, 2020 by

We’ve recently been going over all of the different technologies that come standard as part of the Honda Sensing suite of safety features. One of the only ones we haven’t refreshed your memory on yet is the Lane Keeping Assist System, so we figured we’d go over that one today to remind you of exactly how it works.

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What does LKAS do?
The Lane Keeping Assist System was designed as a technology to help you remain in the middle of a detected lane and to provide visual and tactile alerts if you begin to drift out of this lane without a turn signal.

How does LKAS work?
While driving between speeds of 45-90 miles per hour, the vehicle will alert you whenever it detects you drifting out of your lane without the appropriate turn signal being indicated. In this event, rapid vibrations will be sent to the steering wheel while an alert is displayed on your digital instrument cluster. In addition, LKAS applies torque to your vehicle’s steering, helping you to remain centered between the left and right lane lines it has detected.

How do I change my LKAS settings?
There are no settings for the Lane Keeping Assist System outside of turning it on or off.

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How do I turn LKAS on and off?
You can turn the Lane Keeping Assist System off or back on again by pressing the MAIN button, then the LKAS button. You’ll notice lane outlines on the driver information interface, with the dotted lane lines turning solid once the system has been activated. This information comes from the Honda Accord owner’s manual, it may differ slightly from vehicle to vehicle.

Remember that this system, like the others found in Honda Sensing, is no substitute for your judgment or control of the vehicle. It is simply an added convenience. So, be sure to remain vigilant and in control at all times behind the wheel of your Honda vehicle.

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