Receive Warnings About Your Level of Alertness While Driving With Honda’s Driver Attention Monitor

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How Does the Honda Driver Attention Monitor Work?
Your Honda vehicle is smart… like, really smart. In fact, on certain models, your Honda can even detect when you are getting drowsy or too tired for safe and aware driving. As a driver, you may think it is obvious when you are getting too tired to be on the road, but the truth is, a study from 2013 by the NHTSA showed that drowsy driving was responsible for 72,000 car crashes and 800 deaths in just that one year. Moreover, 1 in 25 adults report having fallen asleep at the wheel while driving in the past 30 days. This means it can help to have a vehicle that knows when you’re getting just a little too drowsy to be behind the wheel, and why you’ll want to know how the Honda Driver Attention Monitor works in your vehicle.

What Does Honda’s Driver Attention Monitor Do?
Of course, no technology, including the Driver Attention Monitor, can completely eliminate drowsy driving. Some of the responsibility is on you, the driver. But, this system can make you more aware of situations where your tiredness is actually affecting your driving habits.

The system continuously monitors your steering input, looking for signs that you may not be paying as much attention to the road as you would otherwise, such as frequently veering out of your lane and then correcting to veer back into your lane.

With the display activated, you’ll see a coffee cup icon with 4 bars to indicate the Driver Attention Level. That 4-bar level is exactly where you want to be, as it indicates the highest level of attention. If the display changes to show only 3 bars, that is still considered acceptable, but once it reaches 2 bars your Driver Attention Level is considered low. At this point a message will pop up telling you that your attention level is low and recommending you take a break from driving. If you ignore these warnings and your Driver Attention Level drops to 1 bar, the display will turn red, deliver an audible alert and a strong vibration will be delivered to the steering wheel.

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How to Turn Off or Change Settings On the Honda Driver Attention Monitor
We realize that this feature may not be for everyone, and there is a way to turn it off if you wish. A better option for many drivers, however, is to simply change some of the settings. Here is how:

Select the Settings app from the infotainment home screen (those with LCD Audio models will need to select Clock/Menu and then Settings).
Select vehicle, then Driver Assist System Setup and then Driver Attention Monitor.
Select Tactile Alert to remove the audible alert, or select Tactile And Audible Alert to have both alerts active. If you wish, you can select OFF to deactivate the system alerts. By selecting this, however, the vehicle will still provide the visual display when needed.
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Now that you have an understanding of how the Honda Driver Attention Monitor works, remember that the best way to avoid drowsy driving is to get plenty of sleep before hitting the road and stopping to take a break at the first sign of tiredness. To learn more, feel free to contact us at Hilton Head Honda or check back to our website blog for more tips and tricks on life with your Honda.

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