Whether for Safety or Preference, Learn How to Adjust Your Honda’s Automatic Door Locks

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How to Change Your Honda Door’s Automatic Lock Settings
These days, there are many features in your vehicle that are automated, from headlights to the door locks. And speaking of door locks, the settings for when the doors lock or unlock automatically may not always be best for each driver. Whether it’s an issue of safety or simply preference, Honda allows drivers to change the automatic lock settings in their car.

For this guide, we’ll be focusing on newer models from the 2018 or 2019 model year, though you may find these instructions work for other model years as well. The steps you’ll need to take to change the lock settings for your Honda will vary depending on which audio system you have.

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Instructions for Adjusting the Automated Door Locks In Your Honda
There are two audio systems you might have: LCD audio or the Display Audio system, the latter being the more advanced of the two. But, let’s start with the LCD system.

LCD Audio

Locate the Driver Information Interface in the instrument cluster.
Have the ignition on and the vehicle parked.
Press the Info button on the steering wheel (i) and then press ENTER.
Scroll down using the steering wheel arrow buttons until you find Door Setup, and press ENTER.
Then, find Auto Door Lock and press ENTER.
Using the arrow buttons again, you can select which setting you prefer. Once finished, you can do the same for Auto Door Unlock.
Display Audio

Locate the infotainment touch screen in the center of your dashboard. Again, the ignition should be on with the vehicle parked.
From the Home screen, select Settings.
Select Vehicle.
Select Door/Window Setup.
Select Auto Door Lock to adjust when the doors automatically lock. Pick your preferred setting and then select Yes.
From the previous menu, you can do the same for Auto Door Unlock.
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Knowing how to adjust the automated door locks in your Honda can allow you more convenience and safety for both you and your family. To learn more about your favorite Honda features, be sure to check back to the Hilton Head Honda blog.

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