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If you’re looking for your next car to take you on miles and miles of adventures,  you’ll find that there are lots of options to choose from. Between styles, capabilities, and features, there are lots of things to consider before your next drive through Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, and Charleston, South Carolina. The rise of electric vehicles in particular adds another layer to your car-buying journey, and we’re here to help.

Our EV vs. gas guide lets you know what to anticipate with these two types of vehicles. Between the classic style you’ve come to know and the next generation of automotive design, you have lots of different options to explore as you look for your next car. Our team at Hilton Head Honda is excited to show you what these many vehicles can do for your next road trip. Read on to get started!

EV vs Gas: The Basics

Electric vehicles (EVs for short) are models that run exclusively on battery power. Rather than the traditional fuel source of gasoline, these cars charge up from electric outlets to store energy that propels you forward. While standard wall outlets can charge up electric cars, specially designed chargers give an EV much more battery power in a shorter timeframe.

Gas vehicles have their efficiency measured in miles per gallon (MPG). The further they can travel on a full tank of gas, the more efficient they are. EVs, on the other hand, are measured in both MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) and range. Range refers to how far the EV can travel on one full battery charge and is typically measured in hundreds of miles.

Home Car Charging

EVs vs Gas: Which is More Convenient?

Both styles of car have their advantages when it comes to easy driving. When it comes to places to refuel, gas vehicles have an abundance of places to fuel up. Gas stations are plentiful, so when you’re out in the middle of the day and see your tank emptying, you can easily find a place to fuel up.

EVs have the added advantage of recharging while you’re at home. Every night when you park outside, you can plug your EV in to gain a charge while you head inside to eat dinner, spend time with family, and even sleep overnight. When you return to your EV in the morning, you’ll have a significant boost in charge. An EV lets you store more energy every day!

EVs vs Gas: How Does Design Differ?

EVs and their electric motors have two significant differences from the gas models of the past. Due to how they deliver energy, electric motors don’t have cylinders, pistons, and other parts that gas motors do. This means that you no longer need motor oil. It’s one thing off your mind as you head out on your next ride.

EVs also run nearly silently. Traditional combustion engines can make a lot of noise while driving due to the burning of fuel and pumping of different parts. In contrast, an EV runs with minimal noise, making for a calmer drive.

Honda Insight

Our EV and Gas Models

Whether you are searching for traditional gas, futuristic EVs, or the in-between step of hybrids, we have lots of options for you to explore! Our cars, trucks, and SUVs come in a variety of configurations. You can find off-road ready models, smooth-driving sedans, and much more in our Honda inventory.

Honda is also charging forward into the future with EV design. The Honda Prologue, for example, blends all-electric clean driving with rugged design that can tackle the road ahead with ease. Whatever your favorite model is, we’re here to get you in the driver’s seat of your very own.

Browse EV vs Gas Honda Models Today

Your next drive in Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, and Charleston, SC is sure to be exciting in your next gas or EV car. Contact us at Hilton Head Honda to learn more and schedule a test drive today!

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